Living The Dream! What does it mean?

To give you the best possible definition of “Living The Dream” Ken has referenced the Merriam-Webster dictionary. Below you will find out what it means and how Ken internalizes it for every sense of the words.

Living can be used as an adjective or a noun. When Ken Beauvais says “Living The Dream” he is expressing it in both ways. It is a state of mind and an action working together in one accord. Faith alone without action is not alive (living), it is dead.

As an adjective it means something having life, active, with motion, functioning, intensive, demonstrating and most importantly showing progress. Just by reviewing the definition if you are not living, you are dying. Living is meant to denote the quality, quantity, extent or as a differentiator from not moving in a positive direction at a certain pace. In math and other various subjects, we learn what happens to things that are increasing at a decreasing rate. It stops or starts heading in the opposite direction, unless…

As a noun the word living represents a condition, means of subsistence, livelihood, conduct or approach of life. The way you live and how you earn a living is important. The quality, state and conceptually what it means to you will direct your steps. You don’t just do it, you are it; A living person. This is essential, because your actions follow what you believe about who you are, whose you are and how it relates to everything around you.

The is a definite article, an adverb and preposition. The emphasis on “the” in “Living The Dream” is to show its significance, remove any doubt and validate commitment. This is what determines how good you are doing at the living.

As a definite article it is there to show that “the” dream has been identified and is specific to you. It is extremely crucial that it’s not your mother’s, your father’s, your friends’ or society’s dream. The only person that can answer why it is your dream, is you; And it must be answered.

A proposition is used to show direction, location, time and as an introduction. It’s fascinating how a three-letter word can have such an impact on what follows. What are you following, where is it going, how long will it take you and will you be satisfied at the end when you must introduce yourself? Again, why? The why is absolute, consistent, used as a compass and the foundation of all decisions/answers.

The as an adverb serves as a modifier, restrictor and to connect your what (Dream) and how (Living). Remember “the” is the why.  If your heart, mind, actions, etc… ever have a conflict you can use your why to modify what needs to change, restrict what came out of alignment and reconnect “the” dream to “the” source.

Dream is used as a noun, a verb and often attributive. Our dreams are vivid thoughts of the future in the way we image it. It should bring happiness, satisfaction and other positive emotions. Joy is not mentioned because it is completely different from happiness. The “why” brings the joy and the “what” brings the happiness. You should already have the joy on your way to the happy place. The best dreams are those that can’t be achieved by the person you are today with the time you have left.

As a noun the word dream is an experience, a break from reality and a series of thoughts about a finish line. This place is a strongly desired goal or purpose and will fully satisfy your wishes/fantasies. It’s great to consider the possibility of getting there, however getting there means it’s the end… If it’s not the end, you have to continue dreaming.

As a verb the dream is action, meditating, prayer, thoughts as you sleep, daydreaming, imagining, etc. You can’t stop dreaming because it’s a moving target. The idea of it may not be but that is different from achieving it. That doesn’t mean you can’t obtain components of your dream.

As an attributive it helps to describe and point out those components of our dreams. Examples are the dream car, dream house, dream job, dream lifestyle and the list goes on. It’s not the actual dream but elements of it. If you get your dream car, does that mean it’s the end? No!

“It takes a dreamer to dream. But dreaming is not enough, you have to live it. Don’t stop living and don’t stop dreaming;

Living The Dream!” -KEN BEAUVAIS

“My dream is to be the best possible example of myself, for myself and inspire others to do the same.”


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