Who is Ken Beauvais? Motivational Speaker (Living The Dream) S1 E4


Who is Ken Beauvais?

Season 1 episode 4: Living The Dream (Motivational Speaker)

  1. Tell me more about Living The Dream? What do you want to know?
  2. When did you start saying it? It’s been a very long time. I would say at least 15 years. In the beginning, I had two other sayings but fell in love with only saying Living The Dream maybe 10 years ago.
  3. What was one of the other sayings? Every day above ground was a good day. There’s a story about why I stopped using that one, but we can save it for another time.
  4. Why did you fall in love with saying Living The Dream? Growing up, I was a very deep sleeper and lucid dreamer. Basically, I was able to fully interact with normal consciousness in my dreams. And through experience and time, I realize that same opportunity was available awake.
  5. How often do you say it? Living The Dream has become my life’s slogan. It’s my brand, my personality, it is what I represent, it’s my business. If you met me, without a doubt you have heard me say it. If am by myself, I say living The Dream. If a deal goes through, I say Living The Dream. Through failure and pain, I say living the dream.
  6. As a Motivational Speaker are you going to coach people to say that too? No, the goal is to show people how to find joy inside of them right now and everything else will be okay. Not that nothing will go wrong, but even if it does, everything is still going to be okay. On a side note, it is a pick me up when people say Living The Dream.
  7. Is that the only thing they need? Yes, joy an usher.
Posted on January 3, 2021 by Ken Beauvais
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