Who is Ken Beauvais? Business Consultant S1 E3


Who is Ken Beauvais?

Season 1 episode 3: Business Consultant

  1. As a business consultant you mentioned Telecommunications and Sales. Is that the only area you are consulting in? Those are the areas where I can add the greatest value. Keep in mind, sales can be in any industry.  Specially if it is in a Business-to-Business environment. Through my career and talking to thousands of businesses I am sure if I can’t help, I will find someone that can.
  2. What is telecommunications? I lump information technology under the umbrella telecommunications. However, telecommunication is basically all technology that allows you to communicate over the internet, phone, tv, cables, etc. It doesn’t matter if it is hardware, software or web-based technologies (Cloud).
  3. What about sales, what do you mean? Oftentimes we use sales, marketing and advertising interchangeably but they are definitely different. I can help with every aspect of what a salesperson should do when communicating with a client or customer. Humbly I would say that you will not ­be able to find someone that does a better job at teaching the discovery process or modeling the behavior, then myself.
  4. What is discovery? Discovery is the process of uncovering customer’s needs. Its finding out the problems, concerns, pain points or gaps sometimes the customer doesn’t even know.
  5. Why is that important? I often joke that buyers are liars. While there is some truth to it, the large majority are not blatantly being dishonest. What is actually happening is they don’t really see a need for your product or service. Regardless of what they say, I am busy, its not a good time, can’t do it because of Covid, what they are actually saying is they don’t see a need.
  6. Do every customer or client have a need? That’s a very good question. I remember earlier my sales career boasting about my raw sales skills. I would say I can sell sand at the beach. Not realizing that I was promoting selling to people who truly had no need. The answer to your question is No. There are customers that truly do not have a need for what you are selling. The skill of discovery is what allows you to determine that and do it quickly.
  7. Can you give me some easy and hard examples? Internet and Shoes
Posted on December 27, 2020 by Ken Beauvais
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