Who is Ken Beauvais? Entrepreneur (PocketWatcher) S1 E2


Who is Ken Beauvais?

Season 1 Episode 2: Entrepreneur (PocketWatcher)

1. Tell me more about PocketWatcher? What do you want to know?
2. You said social ecommerce, what does that mean? The easiest way to explain social ecommerce is Facebook meets Amazon on steroids.
3. Is that what you are building? Yes, today there is a lot of friction with bridging the gap between social media and ecommerce. We believe we solve that problem.
4. Why is that important? People are looking for a safe ecosystem for buying, selling and advertising that allows them to maintain meaningful connections with people, places and things. Consequently, by building it we can use that data to solve problems in real-time.
5. What are those problems? All the problems deal with data. One example is showrooming. Do you know what that is?
6. What is showrooming? After a brick and mortar spent all their marketing dollars to get a customer into their store, the customer comes to touch, feel, smell, try on, test drive, use the stores resources, etc. but ultimately buys it from someone who didn’t have a vested interest in them. At times, the customer will even do it via their phone while still standing in the store.
7. What problems are you solving for the consumer? Whether a business, marketer or consumer the problems are the same. Access and control of data in real-time. As a consumer, other than the obvious privacy and advertising, currently what is your biggest problem with shopping?

Posted on December 20, 2020 by Ken Beauvais
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