Who is Ken Beauvais? Intro (Entrepreneur, Business Consultant and Motivational Speaker) S1 E1


Who is Ken Beauvais?

Season 1 Episode 1 Intro (Entrepreneur, Business Consultant and Motivational Speaker)

  1. What is your name? Ken Beauvais
  2. How are you doing today? Living The Dream! How about you?
  3. What does “Living The Dream” mean? To be happy with who I am, where I am and where I am going.
  4. Who are you? I am child of God, a husband, a father, a son, a brother, family and a friend.
  5. Who are you professional? I am an Entrepreneur, Business Consultant and Motivational Speaker
  6. What does that mean? As an entrepreneur, I am working on a social ecommerce platform named PocketWatcher. As a Business Consultant my focus areas are telecommunications, professional selling and building sales teams. As a motivational speaker I want to inspire the uninspired to live their dreams.
  7. Of these three which one is most important to you? I don’t know if I am going to be able to answer it. What I can say is that they are my passion, profession and purpose. At this stage of my life, I need all three but only one of them needs me.
Posted on December 13, 2020 by Ken Beauvais
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